Santa Marta and Taganga

Discover what Santa Marta has for you!

Santa Marta is the capital of the Magdalena department in Colombia, it is considered a top tourist, cultural, and historical district. Santa Marta offers two areas the tourists and hotels are concentrated:

La Bahia with its piers, boardwalk and Marina is the most modern in South America and one of the most visited. It’s just in front of the historic center of the city that offers architectural gems and interesting places to visit such as; Parque Bolívar, the Cathedral of Santa Marta, and the Los Novios Park that is considered the most popular cultural and party area in the city. Here you will find the best restaurants, nightclubs, and bars to enjoy the best night in Santa Marta.

El Rodadero is traditionally the most touristy area of Santa Marta, its white sands and mountains that surround it attract visitors who come in search of sun and water activities. It offers a wide range of hotels and shops. The famous Playa Blanca is only 10 minutes by boat from Rodadero beach, and is considered one of the best beaches in Santa Marta. If you want to find your ideal accommodation in Santa Marta contact us through the contact page.


Taganga is a beautiful bay located just 10 minutes from downtown Santa Marta, has a magic that will make you fall in love with it! Its beautiful beach, colorful sunsets, bars, and terraces and restaurants facing the beach will make you not want to leave! You can enjoy fresh fish every day in the typical fishing village’s typical restaurants on the beach.

Taganga has become a place famous for its coral reefs and is characterized by its wide range of sites certified for diving (from novices to the most experienced in tours that depart from the beach of Taganga.) Diving not only allows you to see the depth of the sea, but it’s also a great starting point to travel by boat and see the different beaches of Tayrona Park. You can also visit Playa Grande, a beautiful beach very close to Taganga which can be reached by boat or walking for 15 minutes through the mountains surrounding Taganga.

Activities and Tours in Santa Marta and Taganga


Paddle Boarding and Kayaking


We offer rental of paddle boards and kayaks for days and hours. We have full license and insurance and we offer complete instructions for you to enjoy this activity during your stay in Taganga.


The rental rates for a Paddle or Kayak board are:

         1 hour $ 25.000 Cop

         4 hours $ 80.000 Cop


Fishing Tour


Taganga is a native town of fishermen who have lived this activity for hundreds of years, in this tour you can live the experience of a fisherman’s daily life and enjoy a fun and exciting day at sea catching your own dinner! The tour starts early in the morning leaving from Taganga in motorboat to open sea for 40 minutes to the needle island in the Tayrona park where two fishing techniques are used: with harpoon and carrotaje (they put a nylon with bait) there is time to Snorkeling and lunch.


Price: $130.000 Cop / 48 USD per person.


Round trip transportation by boat from Taganga

  • Travel insurance and life jacket
  • Fishing kit
  • Snorkling mask
  • Lunch

Duration: 7 hours


Snorkling Tour


Very close to Taganga there is an area known as the Remanso, where it is possible to swim with different kinds of fish of all colors and see corals, the tour leaves from Taganga in lacha to the open sea for 15 minutes to the Remanso where the activity begins. Snorkeling and while you swim with the fish they take photos that we will send you at the end of the tour.


Price: $50.000 Cop / 18 USD per person.


  • Round trip transportation by boat from Taganga
  • Travel insurance and life jacket
  • Digital photos of the activity
  • Snorkling mask
  • Certified guide

Duration: 3 hours


Diving courses at the Tayrona park


From Taganga, the adventure begins just a few minutes by boat until you reach the Tayrona National Park, which is a wonderful place to dive! It has 22 certified sites where it is possible to dive into the marine world where coral reefs, sunken ships, caves and a variety of marine life are found. Here you will not see many big animals, but there are a lot of beautiful corals, sponges and anemones, as well as a large number of puffer fish, angelfish, lionfish, scorpion fish, moray eels, lobsters, octopus and many more. Taganga is a fantastic place to learn to dive at a very affordable price.


If you want to have more information about the different diving courses for beginners and advanced, contact us through our contact page.


Sailboat ride


Admire the beautiful bay of Santa Marta, its international marina and take a trip to the surroundings of Tayrona Park and its beautiful beaches. The boat makes all its journey at a slow pace in the beautiful bay of Santa Marta to lead them on their way to the beaches of Tayrona Park that are not usually visited. With plenty of space on the deck it is ideal to share with family and friends on a comfortable cruise to have a few drinks and spend an unforgettable moment on the high seas. When visiting one of these glorious beaches of the park you can see the wild beauty of this area from a different and real perspective of navigation.


If you want to have more information about the different routes you can do in Velero from Santa Marta contact us through our contact page.